Sgt Code



The Sgt Code of Conduct is our tried and tested philosophy of admining. There have historically been events and situations that required firm control and having an uncertain set of guidelines has been a hinderance to a successful outcome. “The Code” was created to ensure everyone who plays on our servers is treated fairly and that no person is without a validreason for an admin decision they may have to question.
It does get updated from time to time as and when events dictate as such
Our main admin policy is:
WARN before KICK, KICK before BAN


…but sometimes, due to specific circumstances, warnings may not be given. For example we do not tolerate racism. It’s an instant ban offense. All minor offences will result in you being given a warning by an admin. Once you have been warned you must alter your intentions, behaviour or game otherwise one of the following actions will occur. In all cases an admin will seek confirmation from other admins before acting to ensure a common approach is being taken. You will notice we are not a community of angry admins but act together in a well thought out manner.




  1. Using behaviour not considered a bannable offence
  2. Intentional team killing
  3. Intentional team wounding
  4. Taking advantage of a game bug and refusing to stop it
  5. Being overly cocky or rude to admins
  6. Spamming mic or chat after being told to stop by an admin
  7. Refusing to change offensive clan tag
  8. Not using vehicles and resources for their intended purpose
  9. To make room for a player that has requested a VIP slot in our TS channel
  10. Refusing to stop arguing or for constant moaning after being told by an admin to stop
  11. Staying in and firing from spawn when other flags are available
Expirable BAN


  1. Being too aggressive towards other players and not stopping after a warning from an admin
  2. Impersonating other players or pretending to be an admin
  3. Being aggressive towards a Sgt. admin (including team wounding and team killing)
  4. Refusing to change behaviour following a warning from an admin or admins about a minor breach of the code of conduct.
  1. Offending others due to their race, colour, sex, or religious beliefs
  2. Clearly hacking with other sgts confirmation (without any doubt)
  3. Using scripts/ exploits/ glitches that enhance play such as aimbots; damage modifiers; wall hacks and other cheats.
  4. Altering game files against the game maker’s terms and conditions
  5. Harmful intentions or overly abusive to a Sgt (ie calling us motherf*ckers, f*cking c*nts etc- not light hearted stuff such as sheep shagger, bastard, git etc)
  6. Forum conduct offensive to Sgt. admins and The British Sergeants’ Mess in general
  7. Having a skill level that is too high (see notes). The matter is discussed with the individual and results in them being asked to leave. Refusal to leave results in a ban and in all cases is at the admin’s discretion.
  8. Using facilities provided by [BSM] to recruit for other clans and communities
  9. On numerous occasions, refusing to change behaviour, following an offence and being warned, kicked and or banned. The final nail in the coffin so to speak.


  1. Using inappropriate behaviour is saying or typing something sexually explicit or offensive to others or words that indicate you are a paedophile, racist or just not thoughtful in your actions.
  2. Skill level too high means we are receiving constant complaints about you and a majority of admins agree. Other factors will be considered also such as your role in BSM, your team work style and your KD ratio.
  3. Team player We thrive on teamwork. This means we encourage all our players to take part in their team’s objectives and be a useful player. Do everything you can with the weaponry you have selected to help your team to beat the other team. Selfish and lonely players are not welcome on our servers. There are many players who seek tactical servers so cherish your slot.