About Us

Formed in 2001, playing good games forever.

In 2001 a group of like minded people formed the British sergeants mess, mainly as they were sick of the constant stream of cheaters that infect gaming servers everywhere. Sgt Dinger initiated the beginning, one solitary Counterstrike 1.6 server. Admins have changed during these times, Sgt MOTORHEAD and Sgt.Codeye took over the reigns of BSM in 2004. Unfortunately Codeye left but MOTORHEAD has remained as a head admin since, many of the players have remained since this day, people like Its_Them and Deathsreaper, loyalty to BSM is something we take seriously, we also have gained some excellent Sgts over the years, far too many to mention here, but I can assure you, good men, good gamers and most of all here for a laugh.

Over the years there has been several changes to BSM, we have played and hosted Left for dead, Battlefield 2, Bad company 2, Battlefield 3 nd now Battlefield 4, but the one thing that binds us together is our community, we are not a clan, we are a group of friends who have all met online and enjoyed gaming with each other. You cannot ask to join us, we will ask you to join us if we feel you would be a valued member of our community.

What about the future? Well, we just dont know, one thing I can say is we will always exist, what will be the next game we host?? Will it be BF5, or will we branch into another game, time will tell. One thing we will always be in a community who wont tolerate cheaters, racists, homophobes etc, please feel free to join us in teamspeak, you are more than welcome.