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Latest Message: 10 hours, 53 minutes ago
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Ha ha ha! Yup! Very happy smiley
  • Sgt.MushrOOm : What with a broken french stick Very happy smiley
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Wonder if Frenchie has had to go to hospital yet Smiley with tonque out
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Happy smiley
  • jackruby : Always tabby knowing how to barter helps.
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Are you sensitive to other cultures, Jack?
  • jackruby : Just passed my cultural sensitivity test.
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Lol, japanese giant 3D hentai pr0n that moose linked xD
  • Sgt.MisterX : its very very impressive, the pure immersion is incredible
  • Sgt.kkn : so now we will not see you the first few weeks becouse you are going whit virtual pron?
  • Sgt.MisterX : awwww yeahhh «link»
  • Sgt.Ganji : Aaaafternoon
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Goooood moaning!
  • jackruby : Good morning
  • Sgt.kkn : «link»
  • Sgt.kkn : abduction or he have to say hes forced to work overtime.
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : I'm guessing we're going to have to kidnap Frenchie whenever we want to have a game with him :p
  • Sgt.kkn : bye frenchie. nice to have known you Winking smiley
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Whoop whoop! Goodbye dear friend and war buddy, we will miss you sorely Smiley with tonque out Give her a sloppy kiss from all of us Smiley with tonque out
  • Sgt.Ganji : Have fun Frenchie Very happy smiley
  • Frenchie : Holy crap, she's on the plane. Oh my God !
  • Sgt.Its_them : Should be gud
  • druid : «link»
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : I'm happy with Win8, it's pretty snappy with my SSD and Happy smiley
  • Sgt.Turnbolt : Yosemite tho :O
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : It was a nice debate, sadly my retention for information is pretty poor, so in person my abilities are hampered. I'm aware of things but do not know everything by rote and rit in the technology world Smiley with tonque out
  • Veam Studios : lol nice debate TK. You are a worthy opponent. I just wanted to back James up a bit against an overwhelming opposition of Apple haha
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Coolio Very happy smiley
  • Veam Studios : It might be a turd, but its the best dam turds this world has seen from any company which is why they have done so well... «link»
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : I like the registry of windows, allows me functional control of my system, it's resources and it's restrictions. I like the DOS architecture and I like UNIX, both have merits and drawbacks.
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Industry defining? Or the prettiest polished turd out of the rest of the shite? Smiley with tonque out
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : If it wasn't for Xerox, there wouldn't be a GUI for Macintosh Winking smiley
  • Veam Studios : If it wasn't for Apple, there wouldn't be a GUI for Windows Winking smiley
  • Veam Studios : All I am saying is, don't hate on Apple because clearly they have come up with some industry defining products like the iPod, iPhone, iPad where other companies have failed (Microsoft Zune, Windows Phone, Surface). And as for OSX, its a beautiful OS with the power of UNIX and without the limitations of the registry on Windows. XD
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Well I suppose that was just for word Smiley with tonque out
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Actually it was for MSDOS back in 83 and Macintosh in 85. Both of which were "PCs" Happy smiley
  • Sgt.kkn : STOP FLOODING ME!!!!
  • Veam Studios : Microsoft office started on Mac first.. Why? Because Mac was first to create a PC market Happy smiley
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : *OpenOffice
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : The tablet market didn't take off at the time Microsoft and Nokia tried it because the technology wasn't there, the marketing wasn't good nor were people ready for it. Hell, full desktop adoption had only just happened a short while back. I like how Apple have a good globally accessible developer community, so did Linux and all web systems before it. Apple was not the originator. Ahhh, Apple Office, usage statistics, I would like to see the adoption differences between that and MS Office and Ope
  • Veam Studios : Nope Pages, Numbers and Keynote (apples Microsoft Office) are free. And they did create the markets you see - I didn't say they were first, they just took it to a whole new level that no other company was able to do. And there is no disputing that because if there was then we would have seen the tablet market for instance, years before when Microsoft attempted it etc. As for the App Store, yes there were some before but nothing like the globally accessed developer community that Apple helped to
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Actually if you want to get really picky about a "phone/tablet" app store, the first tablet with one was the Nokia 770 tablet. i didn't know that. Looks weird xD
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Wait a second, you have to pay for Microsoft Office as well on the Mac OS. Anything they provide is extremely inferior. So you are in the same boat?
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : *portion of the world. I sadly won't ever adopt Apple, only thing I like are their MP3 players. :0
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : I like to pay for the work put into my devices so don't mind paying for a new OS. Up until the current business model, all major updates and SPs for Windows were free. Only a major OS update like 7 to 8 was paid for. It is a top selling single line, but that's mainly because of the contracts they go with being the "most value-ful" because of the SP they sell the phone with. Adoption through individual purchases isn't as high as you think. The iPhone is not the top phone in a fairly larger portio
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Actually apple didn't make the first marketplaces, they were developed a long time ago and saw a first major adoption by SUSE, red hat and fedora. Major adoption was by Handango. Mr. J only saw a hint back in 1993 and it wasn't Apple owned. It may be the target audience, doesn't mean I like them any less Smiley with tonque out
  • Veam Studios : And Apple are doing major software upgrades for free. Would love to see Microsoft Office come for free with any Windows purchase, and all future versions of Windows free too. Doubt it though. But join Apple and that's what you get Happy smiley
  • Veam Studios : 3) Isn't good enough to be bought by the majority? You realise that the iPhone is the top selling smartphone is a lot of countries. Their single phone that they product does better than most companies entire lineup of phones purely for the fact that it is good enough.
  • Veam Studios : 2) The reason they seem elite is because thats the target. They are priced higher because of better build quality and brand. Its like a ferrari. You don't complain that they are elitist because thats exactly what they are.
  • Veam Studios : TK 1) Apple created the tablet, smartphone and app store markets you see today. If thats not wow then jeez.

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