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Latest Message: 4 hours, 18 minutes ago
  • Sgt.Moosetee : POTTER ITS ON! «link»
  • Sgt.kkn : its becouse they found your hacks dog1
  • Sgt.dog1 : bf is not playing Ducking ball with me sry guys thought it was my fault Sad smiley
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : I was hopeful, so I didn't uninstall it, if it doesn't improve in a couple of weeks, i'm just gonna wipe it
  • Sgt.Big_Bubb : Thank god I was right, its not just me«link»
  • Sgt.kkn : «link»
  • joss : lol potter
  • Sgt.Potter : «link»
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Loving your new profile image Its_them Smiley with tonque out
  • Sgt.kkn : been so since this morning
  • Sgt.kkn : yes
  • Sgt.Big_Bubb : Is Dragons Teeth live now?
  • joss : ezza gud un
  • Sgt.Its_them : GBH on a E
  • druid : i'm sure i've seen it somewhere «link»
  • druid : damn andy. caught in act
  • Sgt.Its_them : Afternooningz
  • Sgt.Ganji : Afternoon Dog Winking smiley
  • Sgt.dog1 : Good morning all xxxx
  • Sgt.Its_them : Druid taking Potter home «link»
  • Sgt.Its_them : «link»
  • Sgt.Potter : «link»
  • Sgt.MushrOOm : Lol Ganj.
  • Sgt.kkn : get it every time i start it up
  • Sgt.Ganji : Mushy you made me jynx myself, COULD NOT CONNECT TO STEAM NETWORK ERROR.... it's been months since it happened last.
  • Sgt.Its_them : CounterStrike Source Nite 8pm
  • Sgt.Turnbolt : Indeed, he isn't the brightest when it comes to these things.
  • Sgt.DangerCo : Yeah they do. But Don't avoid paying tax that would help many many people and then come back and shout ENGERLEND. It's douchery of the highest order
  • Sgt.Turnbolt : Yeah I was thinking that same thing tbh! But most of them live away from their own nation anyway lol (a fair few of the drivers lower down the field live in the UK)
  • Sgt.DangerCo : I just objected to Hamilton shouting ENGERLEND when he fucked off to Swtizterland and Monaco to avoid paying tax
  • Sgt.Its_them : «link»
  • Sgt.Turnbolt : It was a good race Tabby. Hamilton drove exceptionally, shame Rosberg had that issue. Good on that man watching it Smiley with tonque out
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : I had some twat trying to watch F1 in the middle of my briefings on Sunday just gone. He had the cheek to do it right in front of me as well!
  • Sgt.Calibrat : Soon the football will be over and we can concentrate fully on the F1
  • druid : lol it's them: just seen that on telly as well Very happy smiley
  • druid : «link»
  • Sgt.Its_them : «link»
  • Sgt.kkn : for me it was just 1 gig nothing more.
  • Sgt.kkn : ganj, no i dont think so. that should be mutch larger if so, can be some implemates considering the CTE, and some fix there.
  • Sgt.Ganji : Updated! I take it that's Dragons Teeth.
  • Sgt.kkn : shame on you
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : What's BF4?
  • Sgt.kkn : bf4 1 gig update today.
  • Frenchie : I may be more careful in that regard.... Winking smiley
  • Sgt.MushrOOm : You didn't know the strength of your stroke eh Frenchie? Winking smiley
  • Frenchie : soab I just broke my rowing machine Confused smiley
  • jackruby : Might change my name to the road warrior.
  • jackruby : Need a weapon mod for grid.
  • Sgt.Turnbolt : *hides car* hi ruby
  • jackruby : Hi all

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