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Latest Message: 1 day, 3 hours ago
  • Sgt.Trojan : Click the servers tab, Dante.
  • Ryan : btw im Dante
  • Ryan : whats the ts now btw?
  • Ryan : I luv you all
  • Sgt.Turnbolt : They're all over twitter man, keep up Smiley with tonque out
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Nudes? Jennifer Lawrence? Hmm...
  • Sgt.Turnbolt : Sad smiley
  • Jack : Ooh I cant join because its on PC :/
  • Sgt.Ganji : Ello Jack
  • Sgt.Ganji : «link»
  • Jack : How am I able to join the server?
  • Jack : You do?
  • Sgt.Trojan : I love you
  • Jack : Hello?
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : We...are Groot!
  • Sgt.Big_Bubb : Agreed
  • Sn4k3_T : cant wait to own it on blu ray Smiley with tonque out
  • Sn4k3_T : i am groot
  • Frenchie : Groot!
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Yush, I'm most looking forward to seeing more of Rocket and Groot!
  • Sgt.Turnbolt : It really is, I can't wait to see how they integrate it with the rest of the MCU Very happy smiley
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Guardians of the Galaxy is a fricking wonderfully awesome film
  • Sgt.DangerCo : Bugger orf the pair of you. I was on the way back and one of my kids had a nightmare..
  • Sgt.Turnbolt : Only about two hours later, the server had completed an entire cycle before then Smiley with tonque out
  • Sgt.Aird : Did DC ever find his way back from the cellar?
  • Sgt.Big_Bubb : Good games tonight chaps
  • Sgt.DangerCo : yeah, it's good. Boyintheband is pretty good on his channel.
  • Lopes74 : Battlefield vs Call of Duty Rap Battle: «link»
  • Plebestrian : D3 and CS GO for a little bit today Oh my God !
  • Miken92 : What have you all been playing recently?
  • Sgt.Moosetee : might be on later, feeling like shit atm, fell asleep with the cat again, friday night is curry night too.
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : As there are some subtle differences between it and Arma 2
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : I would suggest you do the bootcamp Aird, people have said it's very good at getting you the raw understanding of the game Happy smiley
  • Sgt.Aird : Just bought ARMA3. Now what?
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : That new clamp system looks hawt
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : But then again, once it's in the case it's not noticeable, ha ha
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : I think the MSI board looks prettier than the rampages there and with the exception of the first.
  • Sgt.kkn : «link»
  • Sgt.kkn : tabby: «link» and «link»
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Cream time: «link»
  • druid : «link»
  • Sgt.Turnbolt : Lol I didn't see the guy sleeping until he jumped up
  • Sgt.Tabbykat : Happen to me once: «link»
  • joss : skint ffs
  • Tony-2-Tubes : Grid Autosport is 50% off (£14:99) on steam for next 48 hrs
  • Sgt.DangerCo : iSquad - new PTFO series featuring BSM members. Video in BF Uncap.
  • Sgt.DEathsRE : is everyone playing bf4 tonight? I fancy getting drunk and raging on it Very happy smiley lo9lz
  • Sgt.Cupid St : mmmm fresh breath confidence !
  • Sgt.Moosetee : this morning i brushed my teets with vagisil by mistake Sad smiley
  • Sgt.DEathsRE : not for me I didn't Happy smiley

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